Dear Editor:

 Last week’s letter by Arlene Ross was a biased response. Ms. Ross assumed that Assemblyman Weprin’s office was behind the article from March 9, when in fact, Assemblyman Weprin’s office had nothing to do with it. I was neither coached nor advised how to answer the interviewer’s questions. So, from what knowledge was Ms. Ross “speaking” when she wrote, “It’s no surprise that Weprin’s office wouldn’t want QJL’s readers aware of his views on this…” Ms. Ross, it is not good practice to project one’s own feelings on others. Don’t make assumptions, and get your facts straight!

Sam Verstandig


Dear Editor:

 In this past week’s Queens Jewish Link, Warren Hecht reiterates his condemnation of the property damage inflicted by Israelis on the town of Huwara in response to the murder of two Jewish brothers. I give Mr. Hecht much credit for his consistency. Unfortunately, in this case, he’s consistently wrong. Mr. Hecht seems preoccupied with the world’s reaction to this incident. What will the talking heads on CNN say? What will the headline be at the overtly anti-Semitic New York Times? What will the few Israel supporters left in the Democratic Party say? While Mr. Hecht appears concerned that this will damage Israel’s political standing, others, such as Rabbi Moshe Hauer, express concern over the potential for chilul Hashem.

As far as the political fallout, nothing will satisfy the enemies of Israel that lust for its destruction. Anyone who believes that publicly condemning Israeli crimes against Arab property will move the needle on how the world feels about Israel is naive to say the least. As evidence, one need look no further than the behavior of the United Nations towards Israel. In 2022, the UN issued more condemnations against Israel than the entire rest of the world...combined. Good luck mollifying the group that believes Israel is worse than Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Somalia collectively!

Regarding the potential for chilul Hashem, most people have a limited understanding of what that is. They think that Jews, as ambassadors of Hashem, need to act a certain way so that Hashem’s name is not desecrated by our actions. While this is not entirely incorrect, it is not the way it’s described in the book of Yechezkel. The pasuk in Shmuel (15:28) states: Netzach Yisrael lo Yishaker,” the Jewish people are eternal, and we will always exist as Hashem’s nation. Therefore, when the nations of the world saw Hashem’s chosen nation going into exile after the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, Yechezkel (36:20) describes it as massive chilul Hashem: “Vayechalelu es Sheim Kodshi–My Holy Name was profaned.” Why is this described as the greatest chilul Hashem? The end of the pasuk explains it is because the nations of the world see Hashem allowing His nation to be kicked out of their own land, and erroneously conclude that Hashem’s promise to B’nei Yisrael was not eternal.

We say “Tov Hashem la’kol–Hashem is good to all,” thrice daily in davening, yet, unfortunately, nowadays we see many examples of the type of chilul Hashem the Navi describes. Jews being harassed, stoned, and maimed while driving through Arab villages is all too common. Jews are murdered in their homes, waiting for a bus, coming out of shul. It creates precisely the same type of chilul Hashem as described in Yechezkel, because it causes people, Jews included, to wonder, “Where is Hashem? Why does He allow these terrible things to happen to His nation?”

Instead of worrying about how the irrelevant, low-IQ “intellectuals” at the editorial board of The Times will react to all this, let us instead look inward for spiritual improvements as we all yearn for “Yisgadal V’yiskadash Shmei Rabba,” the day when the name of Hashem is exalted instead of profaned and “Tov Hashem la’kol” is so apparent that even the spiritually comatose/wokest among us experience a true awakening to the reality that Hashem is the source of all good.

 Doniel Behar


Dear Editor: 

“Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof” – You shall seek justice. That’s exactly what the jurors did in the Alex Murdaugh case. His crocodile tears didn’t convince anyone of his innocence. Instead, having stolen $8 million from clients (including paraplegics) sealed his fate. His being a scion of a prominent family didn’t prove helpful either. There seems to have been a string of unsolved murders connected to family members. The judge even ordered the portrait of Murdaugh’s grandfather be removed from the courthouse so that there would be no question of impropriety.

Speaking of family ties, what’s with King Charles? Does he really have to evict his son Prince Harry and family from their home in England? Granted, Frogmore is a weird name, and it can’t compare to the $11 million palatial home in California, but it’s better than a B&B. What’s worse (besides the fact that the couple spent $3 million to refurbish the house) is that Charles is giving the home to his disgraced brother Andrew. (Do we have to preface his name with Prince?) It seems that Andy can’t afford the upkeep of his present home because he has to shell out millions to a woman he allegedly had relations with.

The bottom line is Charles can learn a lesson from Yaakov Avinu, who didn’t curse Shimon or Levi personally or throw them out of their homes. Instead, he cursed their anger. Even with Reuven, Yaakov took away his birthright but didn’t kick him out.

Therefore, as I await my invitation to King Charles’ coronation, let’s hope that as King, Charles makes more sagacious decisions, or he watches re-runs of Michael J. Fox’s 1980s show, “Family Ties.”

 Debbie Horowitz


Are Reparations Coming To New York?

Dear Editor:

 Only in the land of Oz known as California would you learn about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ African American Reparations Advisory Committee. Who cares about inflation, crime, homelessness, excessive drug use, and decline in the quality of life? While slavery ended in America in 1865, it never existed in California. Nevertheless, elected officials are giving serious consideration to give every African American resident $5 million along with waiving any personal debt or delinquent taxes. There are even more goodies: a guaranteed annual income of $997,000 a year for 250 years. A home for only $1 for each family. No wonder so many people are leaving town before it is too late.

Coming soon may be New York’s version of this insanity. Brooklyn State Senator Jabari Brisport is also interested in the Empire State becoming involved in reversing the damage of slavery by compensation. As a member of the African American, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus, he sponsored a bill that would form a reparations commission to study the harm slavery perpetrated on our state. It would also look at various options for restitution to African American New Yorkers. His bill would require a reparations commission one year to research the effects including outreach to impacted neighborhoods. The commission would share their findings with the Legislature.

Will State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Steward Cousins and State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie oppose this insanity? Will Governor Kathy Hochul veto the bill if it passes both houses? Let’s hope sanity will prevail.

Larry Penner


Dear Editor:

 Normal behavior for prosecutors in Democratic countries entails searching for crimes and prosecuting them. In banana republics, this behavior is modified somewhat: They search for people, usually political enemies, to prosecute.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, under whose watch New York City has set records for violent crime, appears hellbent on satisfying his lust for a Trump perp walk and the inevitable victory lap a Trump indictment would net him.

In 2018, New York State Attorney General Letitia James campaigned on taking Trump down, promising to “shine light” on the business dealings of an “illegitimate President.”

Now, in 2023, Bragg appears intent on pursuing a case against Trump based on actions that occurred in 2016. The statute of limitations for misdemeanors in New York is two years. For most felonies it’s five years. Unless they pursue a Hail Mary, novel legal theory that incorporates the violation of a Federal statute, this “case” goes nowhere.

To summarize: Law enforcement agencies are being weaponized against a leading Presidential candidate in what has to be the most obvious attempt to cripple a candidate’s campaign. Are we living in a democracy or a banana republic?

 Avi Goldberg


Dear Editor:

 I had to chuckle at Former Vice President of the now defunct Rosedale Jewish Center, David Pecoraro’s letter this past week. It reminded me of an old quote from the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Mr. Pecoraro’s hyperbolic description of the events of January 6, 2021, as a “deadly, armed, seditionist terror attack” is a shameless attempt to redefine reality about what actually occurred on that fateful day.

Mr. Pecoraro uses the term “deadly” to describe Jan 6. Although many leftist news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC, as well as some Democratic politicians assert that up to five police officers died on January 6, in reality none did, as the only casualty was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed protester murdered without justification by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd. Mr. Pecoraro also uses the term “armed” to describe January 6. While there were a handful of people charged with carrying weapons into the Capitol, the only person who fired his weapon on that day was Officer Michael Byrd.

Mr. Pecoraro uses the term “seditionist” to describe January 6. This, too, has become part of the mainstream parlance and used by leftists to describe January 6 as an “insurrection.” In reality, it was a bunch of unruly trespassers led by a shirtless guy in face paint wearing a furry hat with horns, disrupting Congress for about three hours. A real insurrection would have required armed forces to quell an armed resistance, which clearly did not occur in this instance.

Lastly, Mr. Pecoraro’s use of the term “terrorist attack” to describe the events of January 6 cheapens the term. It should be reserved for actual terrorist attacks such as the Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11, not a glorified trespassing case.

Mr. Pecoraro’s alternative reality continues with his description of the Marc Houck case. Mr. Houck, a religious clergyman, shoved another man who was making obscene remarks to his 12-year-old son. The Department of Justice, headed by Merrick Garland, whom Mr. Pecoraro preposterously describes as a “mentch,” has decided to make an example of Mr. Houck because of his pro-life stance. Ordering an FBI raid of 30 agents on Mr. Houck’s home, after he informed the DOJ that he was willing to voluntarily turn himself in, doesn’t seem very “mentchlich” to me. That type of aggression is usually reserved for the El Chapos of the world, not a pastor who is neither a security nor a flight risk.

Lastly, Mr. Pecoraro’s description of terminating the lives of unborn fetuses as women “exercising of the rights to control over their bodies” is laughable. Why should an unborn baby have no rights? I have previously written here on this topic and the use of euphemisms to describe abortion, such as “a woman’s choice,” “health care” or “reproductive rights” is a sleight of hand used by pro-abortionists in their pathetic attempt to turn the pernicious into the benign. Abortion is an intentional act that results in the death of a human when it is in its most vulnerable state. If abortion is merely the exercise of one’s rights and a net positive, one is left to wonder why advocates such as Mr. Pecoraro feel the need to use alternative terms to describe it.

 Jason Stark


Dear Editor:

 In response to Arlene Ross from Forest Hills:

Arlene, not everything is political! You took a feel-good story about a kid from Kew Gardens Hills who is following his dream (“You Can Make a Difference,” 3/9/23), and turned it into a scathing rebuke of his employer. You clearly missed the point! In fact, in your response, you continue to call Sam an “intern,” when the story celebrates how he went from being an intern for many years to a “staffer.”

I am sure Sam kept his answers neutral because the article was not about the Assemblyman’s politics; you are twisting the story from being apolitical to political. Shame on you for being so critical and not recognizing a hometown human interest story! There are enough people who attack us; must we attack each other?

 Malky Freed
Kew Gardens Hills, New York


Dear Editor:

 Moshe Hill lavished praise on Kevin McCarthy for providing 41,000 hours of footage from the January 6 insurrection to Tucker Carlson. The portions Carlson chose to selectively share with his audience were of “peaceful protesters” whom he compared to sightseers, which was, of course, preposterous. He failed to include footage of the mob trespassing on government property, threats of violence (especially toward Mike Pence), and total disrespect for Members of Congress.

Referring to Liz Cheney, whose record on conservative issues is unsurpassed, as a liberal is just plain foolish. Though I’m no fan of Nancy Pelosi, blaming the insurrection on her is misguided. There was one person responsible for what happened, and everyone not in the Trump cult knows it: Donald Trump.

It is ironic that Hill devotes so much space praising Carlson while ignoring the Fox/Dominion lawsuit, a huge story, which revealed how heretofore Trump apologists, including Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, really feel about him. Suffice it to say that they’re not fans. Tucker actually revealed that he “hates Trump passionately” and he “can’t wait to ignore him.” Similar quotes are revealed by other Fox hosts. They merely went along with the “stolen election” nonsense to placate their viewers.

Obviously, the footage Tucker shared with the audience demonstrated his continuation of appeasing them by giving them what they wanted to see, while neglecting reality.

Arlene Ross


Dear Editor:

 Joe Biden is a serial liar. He lied his way to the Senate, the Vice Presidency, and now the Oval Office. When a child gets in trouble and blames someone else, we don’t allow that child to get away with that behavior because then he will repeat that bad behavior. Unfortunately, that has not been the case with Biden, to our detriment.

His stories of Corn Pop at the pool, being a civil rights activist, growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood – are all lies.

Biden cannot withstand the scrutiny of his failures. He blames Trump for all of them, except one. The botched, horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan, the fentanyl deaths and five million illegals crossing our border, the crushing inflation we are experiencing, the China balloon, the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and now the bank failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are all Trump’s fault. The only exception is the rise in gas prices – that’s Putin’s price hike (thank you, Jen Psaki).

The withdrawal from Afghanistan had nothing do with Trump. Trump was slowly removing troops but didn’t remove all at once. While there were several fentanyl deaths and illegal crossings, the number has exponentially grown under Biden’s watch. There is no border under Biden. Every national security person under Trump came out and said there was no China balloon during that administration. It has been proven time and again that the rail regulations removed by the Trump administration had absolutely nothing to do with the derailment. And isn’t it fascinating that this President still refuses to go visit that town. But, when all his donors and left-wing bigwigs lose their money in a woke, progressive bank, he runs to bail them out over and above the $250,000 insured limit, and we, the taxpayers, have to foot that bill. The regulations removed from the Dodd-Frank bill by the Trump administration had nothing to do with the bank collapses this week either. Barney Frank, who sits on the board of Signature Bank said so himself! This administration would love nothing more than for all the community, small banks to go under and for there to be only the five big banks. This way, the government can be in control of all the money and oversee how you spend your money and what you invest in.

The President flew to California last week to defend his ridiculous budget proposal, which I commented on last week. He is now claiming that it’s the Republicans who want to defund the police. How ludicrous is that?

In a new poll this week, 49% of Democrats are against supporting Israel. Once Nancy Pelosi was a coward and refused to censure Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic comments, everyone could see that the left is now tolerant of that behavior. The Marxism is creeping everywhere. The woke ideology of intersectionality (oppressed vs. oppressor) is scattered throughout the culture. The governor wants to take over all local zoning laws and force the building of low-income housing throughout the suburbs. We are facing a serious threat. Call your local Assemblyman and State Senator. We cannot allow this to come to fruition. We must do everything we can to combat this war on our culture.

 Shalom Markowitz