Boulevard ALP has maintained the familiar sight of its Executive Director Howard “Bruce” Neufeld since its inception a decade and a half ago. He has exemplified how comfortability and care go hand in hand with a frum lifestyle. Since late 1979, Bruce has been involved in the assisted living industry, and his stalwart dedication at the helm of the Boulevard ALP is a testament to this legacy of passion and ardor for the aging community. As a founding father at the entirely kosher assisted living facility located just outside of Kew Gardens Hills, nestled in the center of Queens, Bruce redefined five-star service and quality. Each day at Boulevard was a new adventure filled with smiles and laughter where Bruce was fully involved with all members of the facility – residents and staff alike.

Kew Gardens Hills resident Sam Horowitz brings a storied career in assisted living administration as he ascends to fill Neufeld’s vacated chair. Encouraged by the stability of the Boulevard management, Sam celebrated Bruce’s accomplishments: “Bruce should take pride in his choices and be as happy as he makes others.”

From healthcare requirements to personal decisions and case management, Bruce stood true to his goal, delivering a time of paradise to those in his charge. Horowitz strongly believes in Boulevard’s mission to stimulate wellness and vitality, and cherish the golden years of those in their community.

Dr. Adam Zeitlin has been part of the Boulevard ALP medical squad since its foundation. As its Medical Director, responsible for implementing all aspects of the medical care of its residents and their physicians, dentists, and health team, he has grown fond of Bruce’s ever-present charisma at the site. “No words can fully encapsulate Bruce’s impact on our Boulevard population and personnel.”

Over the years, there has been a steep rise in North Americans opting to retire to Israel and maintain a comfortable social circle. Some join family, while others fulfill a lifelong dream to reside on its holy soil. Bruce and his family are getting their chance to live the dream and uproot themselves from their American lifestyle to the desirous Land of Milk and Honey. Meir Marx, the Administrator of their home healthcare agency Boulevard Healthcare, whose grandfather Mr. Robert Marx founded the enterprise, related, “Bruce brought color to our community, and his aliyah is a great loss for Boulevard.” Marx hopes Bruce will spread his charm in his new status as an oleh. He continued, “Bruce always brings a smile to your face, no matter the scenario.”

This past Thursday, December 5, staff and friends gathered at Boulevard’s Bisou for a memorable sendoff to its longtime bijou.

Many sent their well-wishes to Bruce and his family as they depart for a new chapter.

Linda Spiegel, Director of Public Affairs for Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation, explained: “Bruce always brings a gigantic smile to your face, no matter the situation at hand. It has been a privilege to interact with Bruce and the Boulevard team. I impart blessings of mazal to the entire Neufeld family as they take flight for Israel.”

Lisa Steinberg, Boulevard’s Director of Case Management, thanked Bruce for his devotion, and wishes him and his family luck as they begin a new leg in their journey of life.

Yaakov Serle, this paper’s co-publisher, noted, “Bruce and I have shared a wonderful relationship over the years, and I am fortunate to call Bruce a friend. I wish him a lifetime of good health as he becomes more involved in the day-to-day experiences of his extended family.”

Jennifer Martin, Funeral Director at Schwartz Brothers – Jeffer and Forest Parks Memorial Chapels, expressed her excitement for Bruce and his wife as they embark on their aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

Chazaq Organization CEO Rabbi Yaniv Meirov had the privilege to interconnect with Bruce and his Boulevard team as his outreach establishment flourished. “Our neighborhood cannot replace the positivity and energetic ambiance Bruce generates.”

SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services Customer Relations Representative Eli Gefen has provided ambulatory services to the assisted living community at Boulevard and articulated, “I am sad to see Bruce leave; his cheerful presence will be sorely missed. I wish him much luck for his future.”

Mr. Robert Marx addressed those gathered via phone to detail the relationship he shared with his dear friend Bruce. He captivated the audience with detailed early conversations as the duo embarked on a joint endeavor to make Boulevard ALP an accepted mainstay for the neighboring Queens communities. It became clear that “residents enjoyed Boulevard because of Bruce and how he treated all with both respect and admiration.” The founder mentioned: “Rain or shine, Bruce faced the issues and never left even one untouched as he was always on-hand for the welfare of the inhabitants. His first task each morning was to check on the wellbeing of the residents as he began his day.” Mr. Marx then revealed Bruce’s unique talent in attending to the various ethnic groups Boulevard encountered. “We are truly sorry to see Bruce leave,” Boulevard’s creator concluded.

A touching poetic tribute was recited, exhibiting appreciation and feelings of gratitude for Bruce’s heartfelt work: “They needed a leader, strong and brave… He handled it with ease, he didn’t overwhelm… How you managed so much we just can’t figure, when it comes to leading Boulevard, you are a real winner… You divided your attention in so many ways, for all of this we will sing your great praise… We owe you heaps for pushing us harder; your guidance and wisdom have changed our lives forever… May your future be bright and your life full of good things; may you be blessed with health, wealth, and long life; may you enjoy loads of nachas together with Joan, your wife.”

 By Shabsie Saphirstein