Topics related to the last month of treatment using Telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Q: What are you seeing clinically with clients through the last month of Telehealth in your groups and individual sessions?

A: The pure nature of our treatment during this time has been mostly Telehealth since mid-March. It started off as a challenge, clients with their children on their laps or talking from the kitchen sink, but as the quarantine continued it genuinely grew more significant. The interpersonal relationships within my clients’ families found new strength. Husbands, wives and the bonds of marriage and family grew as the isolation allowed for better communication in the home environment. The groups grew more therapeutic and our clients focused more on engaging in treatment as an outlet or break as this quarantine lengthens.


Q: How has the pandemic changed the way you or your clients view mental health/addiction treatment?

A: Well, it been an interesting dynamic. On the one hand the world has come to a standstill, while on the other hand, for individuals in treatment, life and its challenges continue unabated. What I’ve been noticing lately has been an increase in clients just wanting to connect on a personal level. It’s almost as if psychotherapy has been reduced to its core essence, rapport and relationship with another human being. I’ve been seeing this more with the individuals who are currently in recovery. There is a very strong camaraderie and kinship among those in recovery during this time. It seems people just want to feel connected.


Q: Nate, if you had something to say regarding the current environment, what would it be?

A: “Isolation breeds addiction.” People need to know services for individuals and families are available. Telehealth works given the lack of options and travel being limited with the quarantine. We are seeing so much success, but people do not know that support is available. What we offer is so important and it perfectly fits into the “Shelter in Place” mandates we face daily. We need to get the message out.


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