Our country is in upheaval; a terrible mess,

A flood of evil unleashed, boosted by a jaundiced press.

A propaganda campaign,

Fabricated to enflame;

Witch hunts and inquests,

To keep the truth suppressed.


Hunter Biden, devil may care,

Brought his computer in for repair.

Busy with liaisons,

Could have been the crack,

Hunter didn’t bother to get his hard drive back.

The repairman called Hunter, he tried and tried,

But Hunter had taken him for a ride.

Stuck for the bill, no big deal, though not right,

Then the news of a scandal came to light.

Looking into the hard drive, the repairman espied,

The criminal actions Joe Biden denied.

Hunter’s sordid dalliances, and drug fueled escapades,

Couldn’t hold a candle, to the shady deals Joe made!

Influence peddling, government meddling,

It was explosive and unsettling.


Meetings Joe said never happened,
with people he’d never met,

Showed up on the hard drive,

Lined up, on eight explicit texts.


In April of 2019, the repair shop owner

Called the FBI, to hand the hard drive over.

Figured they’d protect the country,
trusted that they knew best,

But until December 2019, the FBI kept it suppressed.


Obama sent Biden to Iraq,
to secure our troops’ exemption,

To safeguard Iraq, from becoming an Iranian extension.

Though Joe failed in his mission,
for brother James it did yield,

A 1.5-billion-dollar housing deal.

James had no building experience, that was AOK,

His brother Joe was Vice President of the USA.


The Bidens made big money in the Ukraine.

Ukraine’s president, Poroshenko,

Shared his country’s looted gain.

Billions the Ukraine needed, to survive Russian incursion,

Found its way to private parties,
through corrupt dispersion.


China’s profits for the Bidens were also staggering,

China’s energy company, CEFC,
known for intelligence gathering,

Enriched the Biden family, “SinoHawk’s” cash flow,

Ten million per year profits, 10% for “Big Guy,” Joe.

Negotiations, renumeration, outlined on that hard drive,

Joe Biden still claims no knowledge

Of any Chinese enterprise.

Trump’s not revealing his tax files,

Is a major Biden theme.

But all Joe’s foreign windfalls,

Unreported, contravene!


What would you do, if you were about to be busted,

For betraying the office with which you were trusted?

In doing so, exploiting your drug-addicted son,

The best defense is offense,

Biden was under the gun.

So he hurled false accusations at the president;

They spread like California wildfires,

The press aiding Joe’s attempt.


A cavalcade of slander,

The Democratic agenda stressed,

Facts buried, deceptions, evidence suppressed.

The biggest scandal in American history,

Stonewalled, diverted – the Dems’ modus operandi.


If justice is served, the lies finally overcome,

Heads will roll in Washington.

The complicit press in cahoots,

Should also pay for what they’ve done.


May their wicked plans unravel

Like those who built the tower of Bavel.

May Hashem confound their speech,

Keep their ambitions from their reach.

May we see an end

To the poison pen.

May we make America great again!


By Sharon Marcus