Bewildered, waiting in darkness and doubt,

Will the real facts ever come out?

Will the election be given, to whom it belongs?

Or this is the death knoll,

America’s swan song,

Imploding, drowning in a sea of corruption,

Democracy chipped away, to destruction.


Prince Adonijah, son of King David,

Claimed his father’s crown, self-designated,

Rode a chariot, 50 men running before him, paraded,

With a cabal take-over federated,

The prophet Nathan advocated,

Hashem endorsed the dying king,

Crowned Solomon, with His blessing.


In medieval times, centuries back,

Pigs were sold, unseen, in a sack;

Unwary buyers got home and found, that

There was no pig, in the sack, but a cat.

Going forward, at market, the scalawag

Was exposed, when they let the cat out of the bag.


A thousand plots, endless pallets

Of illegal, illegitimate ballots;

Conspirators forged a wicked path,

Found endless ways to contort the math.

Biden’s the victor, the media exclaimed,

Like Adonijah, self-proclaimed.


We are still praying, uncertain, perplexed:

Will Biden take possession next?

Every night, after night falls,

I thank G-d, the election is not officially called;

Though it seems corruption seems to have scored.

All that’s needed, is for someone to come forward,

Or a legal action’s success to prevent

The wrong man from becoming president.


In limbo, a dark, uncertain phase,

Bush versus Gore took 36 days;

Don’t lose your grip,

Don’t give up the ship,

The scale of justice just may tip.


When you’ve reached the end of your rope,

Tie a knot and hang on,

There is still hope.

Even if the blade is against your neck,

Don’t give up,

It’s not over yet!

Though the odds against us multiply,

Win or lose, we’ve got to try.

Our history will testify:

Salvation can come in the blink of an eye!

HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

We appeal to you:

Just weights and measures

Are things you treasure;

Nothing is hidden from Your Gaze –

Please intercede, for You are our praise.


You see all, and know

This election’s been stolen;

Know the chain of events, now set in motion.

You’ve always loved us

And always will;

Please rescind this bitter pill,

Please silence the Adonijah’s brags,

And let the cat out of the bag!

By Sharon Marcus