Pharaoh chose the blue pill,

His choice should have been “red”;

Choosing to refuse

The G-d of the Hebrews

Lost his whole empire, instead.


Pharaoh’s crown featured Uraeus,

The cobra in attack;

Egypt’s dark forces supernal

Occult powers demoniac.


With Hashem’s first three signs

Pharaoh’s pride,

Only made him scoff.

The next four

Leveling Egypt

Were harder to write off.

Fire and ice, working in concert,

Astounding, the Barad

Physics void, Egypt destroyed,

Clearly, the hand of G-d,

How could these wonders, manifest,

Leave Pharaoh unimpressed?!

Clinging to the status quo

While plummeting to ground zero.


Moshe didn’t choose

The red pill of upheaval,

But he didn’t turn away

When he saw evil;

When he matured,

Something came over him:

Moshe was willing

To go out on a limb,

Walked with his brethren,

Weltering in blood,

Felt their pain,

Shared their burdens

In sweat and mud,

Interceded, stayed the murderous

Mitzri’s hand,

Struck him dead

And buried him in the sand.


Israel has lost thousands

To terrorism,

As the government bows

To world opinion.

In Judea and Samaria,

The Hilltop Youth

Are devoted to the land,

They live Hashem’s truth,

Off limits,

The justly won, liberated lands

Given into our enemies’ hands,

The enemy infusing them by degrees

In perspicuous attack strategies.


When a Jew was murdered,

It was the Jews who were evicted,

Terrorism rewarded,

As predicted,

Betrayed by their country,

Men, women, and children,

Collateral damage,

Israel’s decent citizens,

Leaders ensconced

In your ivory towers,

Selling out your own people

To stay in power.


Pharaohs, emperors,

Prime ministers and kings:

Do you really think you’re running things?

The blue pill feels safe,

Secure and benign,

But beware,

It runs on borrowed time.

The red pill

Is the difficult choice,

But listen to that inner voice;

More great signs and wonders

Are yet to come,

When HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Word and Israel’s law

Become one!

By Sharon Marcus