When you go out

To battle your enemies

Facing the crossroads,

The exigencies,

Every day you step forward

You’re compelled to engage,

Every day in the battle

Another stage.


The spiritual world

Holds no conflict,

True and just

Every verdict;

The physical world

Is not quite so clear,

The saints are in heaven

But we’re down here!

Sometimes life’s a minefield

Of traps and tricks,

Superficial distractions,

Cerebral gimmicks;

Look at the big picture,

Don’t buy in,

Costly, in war

Are the wages of sin.


The daughters of the nations

Are beautiful,

Exotic, mysterious;

They seem wonderful.

But, you’re a son of Israel;

Raise your eyes and see,

She is not your destiny,

Your Babushka

Will beat you

With her shoe.

After all they’ve been through

To remain Jews

In this world,

There’s a spiritual Holocaust,

Don’t get yourself counted

Among the lost.


Confusion, depression,

Mindless obsessions

Defining yourself, or counting

On your possessions,

Thinking that money

Can be your protection;

You’re under attack

Pause for introspection.


Raise your eyes and see:

You’re in a war zone.

Get your face

Out of your phone;

On 9/11

The cell towers failed –

Only prayers to G-d



Wolves surround

A lone old sheep

In a valley

Dark and deep,

Their fangs drip with blood,

Eyes red venomous darts,

Odds against her survival

Are off the charts;

But “Der Alter Mann wurfelt nicht”

G-d doesn’t play dice.

Hashem’s promise eternal

Through the darkest of nights.


In the end of days,

Mashiach will step in,

Not all will survive.

When redemption begins,

Want to see you there,

Proud of your choices, your lives,

Front row and center

When salvation arrives.


By Sharon Marcus