Israel truly is the start-up nation of the world today. With over 8,300 active start-up companies and in excess of USD $107 billion generated in IPOs over the last decade, Israeli innovation is changing the world as we know it in almost every field imaginable.

Founded in 2011, the Besadno Investment Group, whose name in Hebrew represents the phrase “With G-d’s help, we will succeed”, recently launched the crowdfunding platform, InvestiNation. Eliezer Gross, CEO and Founder of the Besadno Investment Group identified the need to build a gateway between the American accredited investor and the multitude of innovative investment opportunities emerging out of Israel today. The platform is the first Kosher crowdfunding investment platform that provides accredited American investors with access to multiple innovative start-ups in sectors ranging from PropTech, Mixed Reality, Construction Tech, EdTech, Medical technology, Aviation and Aeronautics.

“Our investors are quicky understanding that investing in Israeli innovation is investing in the future. Besadno sits on the board of every company we invest in, giving our investors a sense of added security,” Gross explains. “We hand pick early-stage start-ups after an extensive due diligence process. It’s not enough to have a brilliant piece of technology in hand, rather, one must be able to identify the market potential and turn it into a profitable business. Our team of advisors and experts assist the potential companies with market penetration and product development during critical growth stages.” 

One such promising company is Urban Aeronautics, who are currently developing emission free ‘car-sized’ aircrafts that will be able to land in highly populated city areas. Major capitals around the globe are now passing legislation to allow for urban taxi aviation as early as 2025.

In the medical sector, Fertigo works to improve the success rate of IVF by performing continuous real-time in-vivo monitoring to determine the best possible moment for a successful implantation. The potential of such technology in the US is astronomical as each IVF implantation costs between USD $11,000 - $12,000, with a success rate of only 37.8%. Fertigo’s technology aims to dramatically increase the success rate of these treatments.

StructShare, a construction tech company on the platform, is digitalizing the construction purchasing ecosystem. The company provides software that allows specialty contractors to connect with vendors and streamline the entire purchasing cycle, from planning through field orders, POs and deliveries, to an automatic account payable process. “ Trade contractors have seen savings of over one hundred thousand dollars in one year,” boasts Gross. “Often the innovation we invest in makes such a small but critical change to an entire industry that we are left asking ourselves, how did the world operate without it?”

Another impressive start-up on the platform is Augmind. The company specializes in Mixed 3D Reality, creating hyper-realistic virtual content at a speed and quality that has never been achieved before. Their augmented reality technology - made accessible to developers - can change the way numerous industries operate; from retail, real estate, medical, education, military and more. Giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all racing to integrate mixed reality technology into their platforms. “Afterall it isn’t enough to develop a new iPhone or headset model. They require suitable content that is light enough to upload to a mobile device and this is where Augmind has the potential to be a game changer,” explains Gross.

Besadno prides itself in offering only investments that have been approved for Halachik compliance by the Badatz of the Eidah Hachareidis Yerushalayim. “The Badatz review includes researching issues of Ribis, Shmiras Shabbos, and Kashrus related to FoodTech,” explains Gross. 

 “For the first time, InvestiNation provides the Orthodox market with the opportunity to be a part of the next Israeli innovation success story,” boasts the CIO of Besadno Group, Oded Eliashiv. 

To learn more, visit: or contact a representative at (212) 603-9808.

 By Mendy Gelbord