Western law separates

Church and state;

Judaic law doesn’t


Mishpatim expounds

The civil laws

In society today;

They seem to be a lost cause,

There is no time for civility,

Obsolete is common decency,

Lauded, the wicked and depraved,

The world swept up in an evil wave,

Fighting injustice

Is like fighting the tide;

Buckle up,

We’re in for a bumpy ride!


Thievery is legal,

Many businesses closed,

After recent fiascos,

Flash mobs,

In luxury car convoys, strike,

People rush in,


Storming high-end shops,

They snatch and grab

Going way over the $950.

“Legal theft” tab,

None will stop,

The wild looting spree,

Even violent criminals

Go free.


Charlie Cytron Walker,

You survived a terror attack,

You had made clear your position

In a 2020 petition,

Citing “Humanitarian Law”

A “Letter From 1,798(!) Jewish Clergy”

Demanded Israel give up

“West Bank” sovereignty.


Judea and Samaria were promised

By HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

Jews living there rightfully

Mean nothing to you;

Every day they face the threat

Of the terrorism

You lived through!

You would reward terrorism

For the acceptance you value,

Did you finally get the message?

Did Hashem get through to you?


Brave Israeli settlers

And the noble Hilltop Youth

Are the heroes of today;

They make me proud to be a Jew!


Unilever’s on the bandwagon

Of the BDS team,

Thought you’d cash in on the hate

With anti-Israel ice cream;

Yet, many are finding,

They can live without the fix

Of your lardaceous sugar-cholesterol mix;

You thought siding with anti-Semites

Would be the new “PC” cotillion,

So far, it has cost Unilever

Twenty-six billion!

That’s a mighty fine number

He Who rules the universe

Said, “And I will bless

Those who bless you,

And the one who curses you

I will curse.”


This is “mundo bizarro”

Sometimes we don’t know what to think,

But sometimes HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Gives His children a wink,

A backfired offensive

To a traitor or enemy,

Impeccable irony,

Perfect poetry,

Now and forever our Defender,

Just as in days gone by;

Thank you for the wink, Hashem!

Am Yisrael Chai!

By Sharon Marcus