Throughout the ages

We’ve asked the question:

It’s been so long,

When will Mashiach come?

The answer awaits.

But, we do know that first

The birth pangs of Mashiach

Will see things at their worst:


Impudence, insolence,

Oppressing inflation,

Family breakup,

With mutual recrimination,


On the part of

The Authorities,

Denunciations, accusations,

Corrupt supermajorities.


Halls of learning

Turned into bawdy frat houses,

Drinking and drugs,

Things their charter espouses,

The truth abandoned,

The pious despised,

The world Mephistophelian,



A succession of troubles,

Evil decrees,

Famines, epidemics,

Of terrible disease,

Poverty, scarcity,

Cursing, blasphemy,

Many destitute, begging,

Who will find no pity.

International belligerence

Between world nations,

Wars, suffering,

Mass migrations.


The bottom of the pit

Has been reached,

We’ve no doubt,

Till, to our chagrin,

The bottom drops out.


Just when it seems

That HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Is asleep,

A generation ever dwindling,

Faith on the scrap heap;

Let us not lose our grip,

This has all been foretold,

Struggle and turmoil

Lie at the threshold.

In an era of confusion

And disparity,

The footsteps of Mashiach

Will precede clarity.


Remembering G-d’s promise

Through all we endure,

Is rock solid,

There is nothing

That was ever more sure;

For HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Word is always achieved,

Fortunate are those

Who, throughout all, believed.

When things come into focus

As the world did, when new;

Sin will be unthinkable

For G-d’s truth will shine through.

Time will no longer bind us,

All will be seen as one,

Universal understanding

Of the continuum.


The advent of Mashiach

Will ignite holy sparks,

The flame will be brilliant

Dispelling the dark.

Let us strengthen ourselves,

Our task, to survive:

Keeping faith,

Helping others

To keep hope alive.

By Sharon Marcus