How magnificent

Were your garden walls,

Gardens cascading

Like waterfalls.


A mighty lion

With eagle’s wings

Were you, Babylon;

Your wicked kings

Thought they had control of things,

A mighty and vicious bear,

The Medes

Had surrounded you,

And was laying siege.


Your arrogant power

Entertained no fears,

Able to withstand

A siege for years,

A hundred towers,

A moat all around,

The mighty Euphrates

Ran through the town;

Double walls ensured

No attack would stick,

The inner wall alone

Twenty-one feet thick!


Praising Babylon’s goddess,

Plundered vessels did you flout,

The G-d of your Judean captives

Your time then ran out.


Son of Nebuchadnezzar,

King Belshazzar

Received a warning quite bizarre:

Writing on the wall

Disturbed his drunken feast,

Trouble was coming

From the East,

Mene Mene

Tekel Upharsin,

The walls would soon

Be closing in,

Counted, counted

Weighed, divided,

The evil kingdom’s fate


Numbered were the days

Of the Amorite,

Belshazzar was murdered

That very night.

The enemy dug trenches,

Your river highjacked,

Your downfall became

Undeniable fact.


Oh, beautiful,

For spacious skies,

Your streets of gold

Sure did hypnotize.

All we had to do

Was Anglicize,

Who knows now

Where your future lies?


People scream, music blasts,

Sirens blare day and night,

All is for sale

Under neon lights.


Your Hollywood sign

Promised glamour and fame,

Now a garish cesspool,

Every perversion

Fair game.

Your leaders’ careers

Come to endings abrupt,

Abuse of privilege

Sold out and corrupt.


Guns produced

On computers,

Leaders cry out vehemently

Against nonliving weapons,

But the shooters go free.


With crime and injustice

We are now overrun,

Another empire’s

Setting sun.


Seemed it’d last forever,

But everything ends;

Forever only

The word of Hashem.

Let’s face it – this phenomenon

Is the American Babylon.


Though Israel is no

Walk in the park,

In this cynical world

There shines a spark;

On the Hilltops

Of Israel’s settlements,

Keepers of the watch

In shacks and tents,

It is they will bring

Mashiach’s advent.


Keep faith, be safe,

And may HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Bring us all home to Israel,

Every Jew.

 By Sharon Marcus