Adon ha’nifla’os

is Lord of wonders


There are some people who are too “busy” to even notice the awesome wonders of Hashem’s world. Others notice and appreciate the beauty and wonders but do not connect them to Hashem. They merely enjoy the scenery. Yet others are preoccupied with the science but ignore or deny the Creator Who created them. Finally, there are those who marvel at the beauty and awesomeness of the wonders of Hashem’s creations for the purpose of deepening their recognition, awareness, awe, and love of Hashem. We are in this last group. Adon ha’nifla’os means we recognize and internalize that there is a Master of the wonders Who created them just for us.

It is said that the Chazon Ish would gaze at a flower and, after a while, would have to leave because it was too awesome to continue to behold. HaRav Avigdor Miller, based on the sefer Chovos HaL’vavos, spoke and wrote frequently and powerfully about the need for us to study the design and purpose of Hashem’s wonders. The list is almost endless. He would speak in great detail about an apple and an orange: the beautiful appearance, fragrance, taste, why the peel was a certain way, the seeds, etc. He spoke about a peach pit, which is hard as stone, but when put under the soil, it breaks open so the seed can eventually produce a peach tree. Why is an orange beautiful on the outside of the peel while the inside is plain white?

If we even begin to think about the different categories of Hashem’s creations and the wisdom and design in each and every component or species in each category, we will truly be awestruck. Each category has millions or even trillions of units.

Every part of the human body is wondrous. Every finger and toe, fingernail and toenail, eyelash, tooth, and certainly organs and body parts like the eyes, ears, heart, brain, liver, kidneys, etc. are wondrous and miraculous. There are trillions of cells in the human body. While there is a fair amount we do know about the human body, there is still so much more that even doctors and scientists do not know. Consider Hashem’s lovingkindness and wonders in all the parts of our bodies that are healthy and enable us to continue to live and breathe.

The magnitude of what is above us in the sky is beyond our comprehension: trillions (or more) of stars, the Sun, the Moon, etc. Think about what is in the vast oceans. How many species of fish and other living organisms are in the vast oceans and other waters of the world? Scientists estimate that over 91% of ocean species have yet to even be classified. Contemplate every living creature – every bird, insect, tree, plant, and all that grows from the ground.

Consider the lovingkindness of Hashem Who feeds us daily throughout our lifetimes. Consider every type of food we eat and how Hashem arranged to have it brought to our table. As an exercise, during a Shabbos meal, think about and discuss with those at the table the different foods that were brought to the table and the process from start to finish in full detail of each of those foods. How did Hashem wondrously and miraculously bring the delicious challah to me from the wheat seed?

There is so much more. Contemplating Hashem’s awesome wonders and appreciating His lovingkindness and generosity will lead us to greater recognition and awareness that He is the Master of all the wonders: Adon ha’nifla’os. This, in turn, leads to greater awareness and feeling of His love for us and our love for Him, which is expressed in the next brachah and in Shema and, which many write, is the ultimate purpose of life.


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