Mrs. Aliza Goldstein’s class hosted an outstanding lemonade stand for the community to support IVDU LI. The students shopped for all the ingredients, picking out snacks that others would enjoy, and getting lessons on how to pick the juiciest lemon. They then squeezed the lemons to make the lemonade, followed a recipe to create the deliciously refreshing lemonade that they then sold.

The students were great salesmen, offering drinks and snacks to passersby. All the other IVDU LI students had the opportunity to pick out a snack and drink, pay for their items, and enjoy their refreshments. These skills are so important for our students to learn, as they are the prerequisite skills to so many daily activities that happen.

The students from Little Friends Gan came out to support our students, with each child purchasing a snack and drink, sold to them by our students. It was a real honor to have so many IVDU LI parents come out to show the students their support, donating money while enjoying watching their children shine.

We appreciate the opportunity our students were afforded and the tremendous support that was shown. We would like to thank all of those who came out to show our students how valuable their efforts are.