As Am Yisrael continues to mourn the tragic massacre in Israel that took place on Simchas Torah, the Queens community gathered together on Sunday, November 5, for a special Tehillim gathering that brought thousands of attendees from diverse backgrounds on to the streets of Kew Gardens Hills near Yeshiva Kesser Torah.

The event was not a loud protest with people demanding anything from anyone; it was a sincere gathering of prayer, of calling out to Hashem at a time of suffering, as depicted in the Rambam.

The event was initiated by the Chazaq organization as a vehicle to bring about unity. The logistics of the gathering were put together in a joint effort by Shmira, Misaskim, and Chaverim, along with dozens of yeshivas and organizations that joined in.  

The gathering truly transcended religious and cultural boundaries, demonstrating the power of unity and prayer to overcome challenges that communities face.

The gathering was MC’d by Rabbi Yaniv Meirov and Rabbi Yehuda Davis. It featured words of chizuk from Rav Noach Isaac Oelbaum. Tehillim was led by Rav Menashe Tzadka, Rav Akiva Grunblatt, Rav Yigal Haimoff, and Rav Doniel Lander.

The singing of “Acheinu” was a poignant moment of unity, led by the talented Zalman Pollack, filling the venue with a sense of togetherness and spirituality.

Attendees left the community-wide Asifa with a renewed sense of connection, faith, and purpose, inspired to continue working together to uplift their community during challenging times. 

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