TorahFest 2020 took place on Sunday, February 9, as Boys Campus marked great milestones in talmud Torah together. Kittah Alef received their first Hummashim, Kittah Gimmel received their first Mishnayot, and Kittah Hey received their first Gemarot.

The morning was truly a celebration of Torah and misvot as we welcomed a standing-room-only crowd to the YOH Theater. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends all joined to share in the excitement.

After Rabbi Avraham Panish, first grade Rabbi, delivered an inspiring d’var Torah, Kittah Alef gave a dramatic performance that included numerous songs. The boys were really into it and did a fantastic job.

Not to be outdone, third grade produced a really sharp skit that rhymed, bringing smiles to everyone’s face in the audience. Their heartfelt rendition of “V’Zakeini” was awesome!

Rabbi Shlomo Burger then offered his Torah thoughts in advance of the fifth graders performing a musical hit: “Ta Shma.” It was a toe-tapping, hand-clapping masterpiece that had the audience dancing in their seats by the end!

After Ohr Haiim Principal Rav Mordechai Kashani delivered his divrei brachah and charged the boys with the responsibility of growing and developing in their Torah and avodat Hashem, everyone received his sefarim and posed for pictures together.

The morning concluded with a beautiful and sumptuous collation which, of course, everybody enjoyed.

Mazal tov to all the boys and their families. May we continue to celebrate Torah achievements together in the future!