Yeshivos and day schools are being so creative to make students feel connected to school. On Rosh Chodesh Sivan, thanks to the PA, Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens girls were treated to boxes of mini-doughnuts. The girls ventured to the closest pick-up point, any one of nine homes throughout the Queens and Long Island communities.

At the same time of picking up their treats, many of the girls participated in the BYQ Heart2Heart Chesed project and made pictures, cards, and even baked cookies and cupcakes for the healthcare providers throughout the five boroughs. The girls’ sensitivity and appreciation to those who help everyone with endless caring for others were obvious in the words of thanks the girls expressed. The treats they prepared looked delicious, too. One of the BYQ moms was kind enough to take the time and deliver the cards and treats to different hospitals.

Kol ha’kavod to applying the lessons they learn at BYQ and showing how they can thank others.