Four HALB 7th graders, nominated by HALB, have been selected to be part of The Tikvah Fund’s Truman Scholars Program. They will take part in its high-level learning program for outstanding Jewish Day School and Yeshiva students nationwide. Max Isaacs, Jacob Torczyner, Arielle Katz, and Talya Paul are excited to take on this incredible opportunity to learn about Israel and the country’s relationship with the United States.

The two-year program begins with the full cohort of students from across the country participating in online seminars with master teachers on the theme of America and Israel as two exceptional and covenantal nations, while also exploring, in-depth, the Hebraic influence on the American experiment. This is followed up by a course of guided reading of texts related to the theme.

In their 8th grade year, students begin the year partaking in specially curated online courses through the Tikvah Online Academy. Finally, they complete the experience, much like they began, with online seminars with their full cohort on modern Israel, Zionist longing in exile, and the many voices of modern Israel.

“We are so proud that some of our most enthusiastic learners are exploring issues that are so deeply connected to our school’s mission,” says Rabbi Adam Englander, HALB Head of School. “I am confident that being part of this program will help them take their place as the Jewish leaders of tomorrow.”