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On Thursday, September 12, the entire MTA Freshman Grade enjoyed an exciting day of hiking. Talmidim spent time bonding with each other and their rebbeim on the hiking trails, where they pushed themselves outside their comfort zones in team-building activities and had the opportunity to make new friends. After a quick detour to 7-Eleven for post-hike Slurpees, the day concluded with intense sports games and a barbecue dinner.

On Wednesday, June 19, Ezra Academy held its annual graduation, an event that symbolizes the close of a chapter for the seniors – the end of a chapter filled with skills, growth, and memories that will last them long into their future stages of life. This year’s class was the largest in recent history, showing not only the growth of the seniors but the growth that the school itself has been experiencing.

SKA commencement exercises were held on Sunday, June 16, at DRS, where family members joined the graduates, SKA administration, and faculty members to honor this milestone. After stirring introductions by Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Principal, Religious Studies, and Mrs. Bluma Drebin, Principal, General Studies, Valedictorian Lauren Israeli, Salutatorian Adina Lev, and Kesser Shem Tov Awardee Devorah Schreier each addressed the audience.

On Thursday, June 20, MTA talmidim in Rabbi Genachowski’s Freshman Shiur had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be m’samei’ach chasan v’kallah at the wedding of an incredible couple who recently converted to Judaism. What an amazing way to welcome them to our community! Talmidim had a great time dancing with the chasan and even got to sing with Eitan Katz during the chupah.

HANC Middle School’s Eighth Grade Graduation took place on Thursday, June 20. It was held in the school’s auditorium. The room looked very festive with balloons and a “2019” arch through which the students walked down the aisle. The graduates looked extremely proud as they walked down the aisle, and their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were certainly shepping a lot of nachas.