Fetterman’s Recovery

Dear Editor:

In 2022, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman suffered a severe stroke while campaigning for his seat in the Senate. He was rushed back to the campaign trail long before he was physically ready. His brain was severely injured, which prevented him from speaking clearly, presenting cogent ideas or even finishing many of his sentences. At the time, his political positions were left of communist Senator Bernie Sanders, and included some truly insane ideas such as freeing all second-degree murderers from Pennsylvania prisons.

As with many stroke victims, over the course of time, Fetterman recovered much of his lost brain function. He appears to comprehend a lot more now, speaks fluidly, and is fairly articulate. Incredibly, he has taken many conservative political positions, including being more hawkish on illegal immigration than most Republicans in Congress. He is also now a staunch supporter of Israel in their war vs. Hamas.

There is no greater proof that ideas such as open borders, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), preferred pronouns, and support for Hamas are the product of a broken brain. If only someone had the Rx for fixing the broken brains of the rest of the Democrats in Congress...

 Jonathan Goldgrab


Scam Alert: My Office Is Here to Help

Dear Editor:

 New Year’s Day and the general season are a time for joy and celebration, but it’s also a time when scammers and fraudsters are on the lookout for vulnerable targets. Don’t get ripped off this holiday season. Scam artists will take every opportunity to separate you from your money.

Beware of emails promising cash prizes or a great deal. Never click on links or attachments in an email from someone you don’t know.

Beware of phone calls from someone claiming to be in trouble and in need of cash.

Beware of individuals who come to your door pressuring you to make a decision to buy what they are selling right then and there.

Beware of mail about all expenses-paid vacations or charities you’ve never heard of.

Always ask yourself, “Does this sound too good to be true?” And never act immediately – take the time to confer with someone you trust.

Contact my Frauds Bureau here at the Queens DA at 718-286-6673, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you think you’ve been scammed. We are here to help.

Happy New Year’s Day!

 Melinda Katz
Queens District Attorney


Hecht vs. Hill

Dear Editor:

 I always appreciate a column that has a positive vibe to it. Warren Hecht certainly delivered this week on positivity, finding positives in territories that previously were dominated by negative storylines. Mr. Hecht found bright spots on the economy, inflation, illegal immigration, and gas prices. Then I read Moshe Hill’s column informing me that poll after poll has revealed that the opinions of Democrat voters on all the important issues of the day do not comport with reality.

Who are we to believe here? We can examine a few of the issues and see for ourselves whether we should feel good about where we stand today. Regarding gas prices, Mr. Hecht seems to forget that under his favorite President, Donald Trump, gas never cracked $3/gallon, while the average price of gas under Biden has been above $3 every month since May 2021, topping off at $5 a gallon in June 2022.

Mr. Hecht stated that “the rate of inflation is down.” While I can appreciate Mr. Hecht’s lawyerly sleight of hand in this statement that technically is true, he misses the larger point here. Yes, the rate of inflation is down, but that only means the rate that inflation is increasing month to month has slowed down. A more accurate reflection of inflation, and one that is far more crucial for most Americans, is the cumulative rate of inflation since Biden took office. To state that inflation is “down,” either Mr. Hecht does not know that inflation has increased 18% since President Trump left, or alternatively is not affected by the 18% cut in his purchasing power. If it is the latter, then he should count his blessings that he is in elite financial territory, but he should also realize that he lives in a country where almost 2/3 of the population lives paycheck to paycheck, and a nearly 1/5 cut to most people’s purchasing power is crippling.

Mr. Hecht implores readers to see the positive upside of illegal immigration, instead of focusing on the negative. Again, Mr. Hecht’s sunny disposition on this issue appears to be a byproduct of the wonderful lot in life he enjoys, while ignoring the toll it has taken on millions of other, less fortunate people.

Mr. Hecht is an attorney, not a low-skilled American worker. Therefore, he does not have to worry about having his wages undercut by the influx of illegal immigrants. Mr. Hecht stated that he was recently ill. While I am happy that he recovered and did not require any hospitalization, has he ever considered what a visit to the hospital entails nowadays for millions of Americans? Waiting in line for hours behind illegal immigrants who are using our hospitals often for mundane conditions that one would go to a pediatrician for? I presume again that Mr. Hecht is fortunate enough to live in a warm home. But has he considered for even one second the thousands of homeless veterans who bravely fought for this country and are now being denied social services, because they are being sucked up by illegal immigrants?

Mr. Hecht naively states that the courts will work out a just, non-partisan solution to the illegal immigration crisis. What does he expect to happen? That 30 million people will magically surrender and be deported?! Does he not realize that open borders are the ultimate nuke button for Democrats in their quest for perpetual control of our political system? Importing an entirely new population, promising them free goodies in exchange for millions of new votes is their end run around our current system of democracy.

I hate to be a Debbie-Downer and truly wish I could share Mr. Hecht’s optimism, but Mr. Hill’s take on current events appears to be far more reality-based than Mr. Hecht’s.

 Jason Stark


Dear Editor:

 The war Hamas started on October 7 may go on for a very long time, until Israel wipes out Hamas. Even if the IDF captures Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar, there will be others to take their places. We in the United States are facing anti-Semitism in many forms: pro-Hamas rallies, individuals beating up Jewish people on the streets, and people spewing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on social media. Unfortunately, there are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel elected officials in Congress who aren’t any help to the situation. There are leaders of universities like Dr. Claudine Gay who are anti-Israel. I just hope Jews in America and around the world feel safer one day.

 Elliott Wittert

Dear Editor:

 Warren Hecht said that Chuck Schumer and Douglas Emhoff have been “strong voices against anti-Semitism (QJL 12/24/23). I beg to differ. Chuck Schumer has not denounced any of the anti-Israel or anti-Semitic statements made by the “Squad” because he desperately fears the wrath of the Left of his party as well as a primary challenge from them. Doug Emhoff has been twice intermarried and has non-Jewish children. He is a Jewishly illiterate secular Jew; he didn’t even know the basic story of Chanukah! I cannot fathom why he is often chosen to be the Jewish voice of the Biden administration; he’s clearly ill-suited for that role.

Then Warren goes on to attempt to rationalize illegal immigration by comparing today’s illegals, allowed into the US by President Biden’s open border policies, to his grandparents (who I’m sure entered the country legally), and suggesting we view their illegal entry “in a positive light.” He follows by claiming that the law applies to immigrants as well as others. The problem is that the vast majority of those entering our borders lack an authentic basis for claiming amnesty; they are seeking economic opportunity, which is not a basis for being waved into America. They are given a court date of 10-12 years in the future, to which they rarely appear, and they establish lives in America and blend into our country. The sensible approach would be to force them to claim amnesty in the first country they enter. You would see how quickly amnesty claims would drop under those circumstances. The president of the United States is breaking immigration law. Why Biden is allowing the extreme Left of the Democratic Party, which believes in open borders, dictate his (lack of) immigration policy is indeed baffling.

Arlene Ross
Forest Hills, New York


Dear Editor:

 This is the time of the year that many gentiles make New Year’s resolutions. This made me think about the difference (l’havdil) between 2024 resolutions, and what Jews say on Rosh HaShanah, Aseres Y’mei T’shuvah, and Yom Kippur. Whereas most of the western world resolves to lose weight, make more money, and exercise, Jews resolve to have more kavanah when davening (check), not speak lashon ha’ra (still working on that), and respecting one’s parents, among other things.

However, there are some resolutions that we can accept upon ourselves. These revolve around saving more money. For example, Suzy Orman has taught me that one good way of saving money is to stop buying that daily cup of coffee, which can cost you anywhere from $2.50-$4. She estimated that would be a savings of $900-$1,000 a year. If you are like me and desperately require that morning Joe, then invest in a Keurig and buy 120 pods for $30 (at Costco) and spend $90 a year. If you are really frugal, buy a jar of coffee three times a year and spend only a couple of dollars a year.

Note to myself: Stop buying books at Target and go to the library or borrow one from a friend. Also (and this one is really difficult, living a few feet off of Main Street), limit the number of times you eat out for lunch or dinner. Finally, January is no-shopping month, which means you won’t go to Bloomingdales and buy Ralph Lauren towels because you were upset you couldn’t afford UGG boots. That’s called displacement shopping. Just think of how “cleansed” you’ll feel not having spent any money. Now you can concentrate on your davening.

 Debbie Horowitz


Keep Those Letters Coming...

Dear Editor:

 Congratulations to my fellow 2023 Letter to the Editor writers. Surveys reveal that “Letters to the Editor” is one of the most widely read and popular sections of any newspaper.

Most newspapers will print letters submitted by any writers, regardless of where they live, so long as the topic is relevant to readers.

It helps to have a snappy introduction, good hook, be timely, precise, have an interesting or different viewpoint to increase your odds of being published. Many papers welcome letters commenting on their own editorials, articles, or previously published letters to the editor.

I continue to be grateful that the Queens Jewish Link newspaper along with other newspapers afford both me and my fellow letter-writers the opportunity to express our views, as well as differing opinions on issues of the day.

Please join me along with your neighbors in reading the Queens Jewish Link. Patronize their advertisers; they provide the revenues necessary to keep them in business. This helps pay to provide space for your favorite or not-so-favorite letter writers.

Larry Penner
Long Time Reader and Frequent Letter Writer


Dear Editor:

 Benjamin Franklin famously said, “a Republic, if you can keep it.” We do not live in a democracy. We have a Constitution and three branches of government, all of which have checks and balances. So, when the Left today is running around bloviating that Trump (MAGA) is a threat to democracy, it’s all theatrical and political.

Joe Biden now has a record to run on. So does President Trump. Judging from the polls, Americans prefer the four years of Trump to what we’ve suffered through these last three under Biden. Not only that, but President Biden has completely ignored his oath to uphold the Constitution. He unilaterally is canceling student debt. He does not uphold immigration laws. He has weaponized the FBI against his political opponents. These are all impeachable offenses, not to mention running interference for his son, who would be in prison if he were some Joe Smith from the Midwest.

It is becoming more and more clear that the left is frightened that Joe Biden will lose to President Trump in November. Otherwise, why are they doing all they can to remove Trump from primary ballots? The 14th amendment is a Civil War amendment and meant to keep those who fought for the Confederacy out of the government. It doesn’t apply now at all. Not to mention, no one has been tried or convicted for insurrection. If the Left is so worried about democracy, then what about the fifth amendment – due process? Democrats love to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution. It’s all projection. They accuse you of what it is they are actually doing. The US Supreme Court will throw out the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision and all the other ridiculous suits to ban Trump from any ballot. Looks to me like it’s the Democratic Party that is the modern-day “monarchy” that Benjamin Franklin was worried about.

 Shalom Markowitz


Let Them Eat Cement

Dear Editor:

How do all those nations and charities who donated so much money to Hamas feel about it all going to 300 miles of tunnels and not to humanitarian aid? We never hear any condemnation of this use of hard-earned taxpayer, donor, and corporate profit money.

We never hear any concerted international condemnation of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran with specific charges filed in the International Criminal Court and every other civilized national judicial venue for unmistakable war crimes and crimes against humanity!

 Howard Neiman