Colors: Cyan Color

So your quarantine routine is very simple. You wake up, and go insane? Due to the quarantine, I’ll only be telling inside jokes. But seriously, have you been on an emotional roller coaster? Even your friends who have had few stresses in life are skittish and strung out by this global pandemic. You are all about accepting what you cannot control one day; and the next you feel disturbed, distracted, and downright distraught. Well, at least there’s no FOMO right now. If you don’t know what FOMO means, you don’t know what you’re missing. Heh.

 I know a great joke about coronavirus. You probably won’t get it though. Who’s ready for another day of hand-washing and looking out the window? What’s that? You say your phone’s “low battery warning” is the only warning you take seriously? Maybe not this time. So what is your reaction to the current state of affairs? Disbelief, shock, or fear about the unknown future? Perhaps you feel powerless or even numb from the unending updates, handouts, and headlines. Please stay informed, sweet friends. Knowledge is power. But do not believe all the rumors of catastrophe, calamity, and cataclysm. A rumor goes in one ear, and then out of many mouths. Check your sources.

A thief broke into my house last night and started searching for money. So I woke up and searched with him. Soooo, who are the inner-freedom thieves in your life? Here’s a hint: Listen to your internal voice, and how you use the word “until.” I can’t feel free until she approves of me, until I get that raise, until the world changes. Sorry, sweet friends, but until you stop allowing outside situations and scenarios to affect your inner peace, you can never be free.

 Washing those hands for 20 seconds and singing Happy Birthday twice? It’s a war on germs. Hand-to-hand combat. Is it even acceptable or legit to laugh about this virus? What say you? Did you hear the one about the germ? I’m not telling you. I don’t want to spread it around. Indeed, sometimes the spirit needs a bit of laughter to heal.

Today’s forecast: Gloomy with a chance of Doom. What is that in the air right now? Oh, right – its uncertainty. And what is the shape of that cloud up there? It’s a big ole question mark. What are my holiday plans? Will I ever meet Prince Charming? Will I have enough money? Will my kids turn out remotely sane? Health-related issues? Panic stations are all open, and stress is at an all-time high. So you stand behind your decision to have a fit of madness, eh? Please step away from the Panic Button.

Just how wound up is your nervous system right about now, and what is overwhelming you? Do you have any clue what to do when everyone around you says those notorious two words: “Calm down”? Financial stress, kids, gained that weight back again – and if that ain’t enough, there’s the coronavirus update every hour on the hour. Good grief. Where’s the pacifier?