Yisro faced a defining hour

As chief priest of Egypt.

The greatest world power,

One of three top advisors

Of Pharaoh’s reign,

He was called upon

To ascertain

A solution to the Hebrew problem,

For the land of Egypt

Was filled with them.


Iyov feared Pharaoh’s backlash,

So he said nothing;

His silence

Brought Iyov great suffering.

Yisro was brave,

Gave Pharaoh sound advice:

All who seek their destruction

Had better think twice:

Their G-d loves them,

He is still their true Master;

Attempts at decimation

Would result in disaster.

Yisro saw Pharaoh’s face fall,

Though it was the right call;

In speaking the truth

Yisro forfeited all.


Bilaam advocated genocide,

Their G-d can be out-maneuvered,

For He’d specified

After the Mabul

He would not bring about

Flood waters

To blot creation out;

He acknowledged

G-d’s justice,

Midah k’neged midah.

But, His word will constrain Him,

Bilaam claimed with chutzpah;

Drown their sons in the Nile –

Bilaam’s clever plan

Pharaoh approved,

The murder began.


Once revered,

Yisro was ostracized

In Midian, bullied and despised

At the well, his daughters brutalized.

But events at the Yam Suf catalyzed

Enlightenment, for Yisro realized

All the world’s gods

Were fantasized –

Yisro’d worshipped

Every false god

Of the ancient world’s plethora

Discerned, earned a place

In G-d’s eternal Torah.


Hashem raises the lowly,

Honor bestowed

On those who have

A moral code;

Though many have fallen

When they stood for what’s right,

Some even have paid

The ultimate price.


It’s a funny, old world,

Empires come and go,

Things sometimes seem random,

But this much we know:

Our faith may be challenged,

We may stand alone, still

You’ll never regret

Doing Hashem’s will;

We gain strength from his courage,

May his brave soul rejoice

When faced with his test –

May we make Yisro’s choice!

 By Sharon Marcus