Yosef had every reason to believe

That great would be

His destiny,

His dreams met –

Harsh reality,

When his own brothers

Sold him into slavery.


Sold 20 times

From hand to hand,

He wound up

In a Midian caravan.

Unlike resin and tar,

Their usual shipment,

They carried balsam and lotus –

Their aromas pleasant.

Yosef saw the message

In their fragrant scent;

Hashem’s loving hand

Was evident

A prince, now in bondage,

He saw “mamtik ha’din” –

Judgment sweetened,

Purpose to his suffering.


Revealed miracles

Can be seen

By what you don’t see.

Natural order fades away



Hidden miracles contain

An objection we derive

Salvation for G-d’s people,

Israel’s right to survive,

Counter to all logic,

And historical trends

Beyond count, the hidden miracles

HaKadosh Baruch Hu sends.


Israel’s War Of Independence,

Like the war of the Maccabees,

Their military victories,

Can be explained, individually.

But the big picture

Defies explanation,


HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s orchestration.


Hidden miracles, in contrast

To those grand and obvious,

Are HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Preferred message to us.

From behind the lattice

He peers longingly,

Awaits us to find Him



The Baal Shem Tov

Walking in the forest,

Found a little boy there

Shivering and distressed.

He said, “My friends and I played

Hide and seek,

But they weren’t able to find me.

They gave up searching,

They’ve all gone home.

Left me here, like this,

All alone.”


He saw it as a metaphor

Between the Jews and Hashem,

Alone in the forest,

He waits for His children

Even when He is forced to “hide”;

He wants us to find Him,

Giving signs, as a guide.

Though this world and its ways

Can be mystifying,

The world tells us to quit,

But we must keep trying.


In our own times,

We can understand,

We see “t’chiyas meisim”

Of our people and land.


As Yosef did,

May we ever perceive

The hidden signs that give us

Reason to believe.

 By Sharon Marcus