One of the most common beauty blunders women make is how they apply blush.  Yet, when applied perfectly, it can take years off, restore your natural glow and keep you from looking fatigued.  The beautiful glow of a bit of cheek color can give a sense of youth and good health.  The look that we’re trying to achieve is that of natural, childlike rosy cheeks. 

It’s crucial that your skin itself is well moisturized, so that the color added to cheeks will go on smoothly and easily.  Your choice of color should echo the one that you naturally blush.  For example, in the middle of the winter, when I’m pale, I would want a soft pinkish/peach to lift my face out of the winter doldrums. I would not use a dark color, because the contrast of the blush to my skin would look too contrived.  If you are using a bronzer in place of blush, make sure it compliments your skin’s undertones, is not too dark for your complexion, and creates a natural look. 

Remember that the illusion you want to suggest is a healthy tint of color.  In the summer, when your skin has more color, you can try a deeper berry or bronze blush, depending on whether your complexion is cool or warm.  Always be sure to stay close to your own natural skin tone. 

Your blush for day might not necessarily be the one you wear for evening. Daytime calls for more natural or neutral shades, e.g. beigey/pinks and beigey/ peaches.  In the evening, you may apply a stronger color or just deepen the existing shade, taking the cue from the lipstick you’re wearing.  For example, pinks with pinks and bronzes instead of orange or coral blush. 

An instant rejuvenator is using a cream blush, which goes on most naturally and does not look artificial.  This can be applied by rubbing your finger over the cream product, tapping the color ultra-lightly over the cheekbone, starting in a small circle on the apple of the cheek, and gradually working upward near the eye.  Surprisingly, this is an instant rejuvenator and looks healthy, glowing and quite natural, especially when you don’t want a powdery look.  It will automatically add some dewiness to your complexion.

I’m often asked: “Where does blush go?”  The answer is quite easy: Look into the mirror and smile (something that should be done on a regular basis anyway!).  Find the fleshy part of your cheek (the apple) which is right on the cheekbone. That’s the area that should be blushed.  Make sure not to stray too low or you will make the face look heavy in the jaw area.

When you’re applying powder blush, take a medium-sized blush brush and swirl into the powder. Tap off excess particles.  Smile and find the apple of your cheeks. Then gently apply the blush, high in a circular motion, sort of making round clouds upwards toward the outside corner of your eye area.  Be careful to blend well, and avoid having harsh edges.  One should not be able to discern where the color starts and ends. Just blend, blend and blend some more. Please note that those with mature skin should treat their faces with TLC to avoid tugging the skin.  A light touch is especially important to prevent looking older.  Finally, dust a light coat of translucent powder over the whole blushed area to soften and create longevity.  This wonderful cosmetic will result in the transformation of a younger and healthier looking you.

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.