For the fourth year in a row, devoted friends, supporters, and alumni of Camp Sternberg joined together to raise funds to enable girls to attend camp in the summer. Their itinerary was quite challenging, as they biked, hiked, and canoed down the Delaware, yet they knew that it was for a very worthwhile cause.

Their united goal was to keep the legacy of the legendary and indefatigable Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald alive. He spent endless hours trying to raise money for scholarships to enable girls from impoverished homes, dysfunctional homes, a home where a parent is sick, a sibling is ill, etc. to have the ability to spend a month away from home. He wanted every child to have the opportunity to enjoy a summer vacation free from their daily stresses and challenges.

Many of these devoted Hike2Help hikers know first-hand how a summer in camp transformed their lives and gave them a chance to feel safe, happy, and rejuvenated. It was something they looked forward to all year, counting the hours until they could return to camp. Now it was their chance to give others an opportunity to experience the transformative effect of a wonderful carefree summer in camp, surrounded by loving friends, devoted staff, and warm and caring individuals.

They succeeded in raising close to $100,000. See for yourself – at