The Queens community was treated on Sunday, March 27, to the annual Shevach High School production at Townsend Harris High School. The play, “Sarah with an ‘H’,” was complete with drama, interspersed with original dances, choir, and ensembles. The girls sparkled in their production. The unique and striking costumes, and the eye-catching scenery and props, all portrayed the theme very well. The audience was regaled with an enjoyable performance that not only entertained, but simultaneously imparted important life lessons.

The script was an adaptation of the humorous classic “Anne of Green Gables,” and the actresses did not disappoint. Attendees heard the message that no matter what life brings, everything is orchestrated by Hashem, and it is up to us to reach inside ourselves and appreciate the many blessings. All left with the touching words of the theme song reverberating in their minds; “There is a power inside you, a mind that provides you, with joy from within.”

The production coordinator was Mrs. Yocheved Jurkowitz, overseen by Shevach Menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel. The production heads were seniors Ayelet Aaronson, Perela Amsel, Tehila Davidov, Rivky Milgram, and Malka Adina Taub. They devoted themselves to their responsibility of making the production a unifying and uplifting experience for the students and audience alike. The production heads guided the students with encouragement and warmth as they reached ever higher in their efforts.

The dedicated administration and staff, as well as the Queens community at large, has much reason to be proud of these young ladies. In the words of one of the guests, “The talent and positive energy displayed by the Shevach girls was unparalleled!”