Lake City, a small city in Florida, was very happy staying out of the headlines and providing residents the quiet and simple joys unique to small towns. An unexpected event changed that overnight: Cyber criminals took control of the city’s computers and demanded $462,000 in ransom to free them. Lake City reluctantly agreed to those demands, and payment was made with Bitcoin through the city’s insurance company.

Technology never slows down. There’s always something new, something faster, cheaper, and better that’s being developed, and that’s true for 5G wireless too. This new technology boasts some very impressive capabilities such as very high speed – dramatically faster than what’s being used now.

For decades, Americans have been blessed with a bountiful supply of food. Our local supermarkets are bursting from the many varieties of cereals, meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and snacks sold there. Grapes and watermelon are available in the winter, and oranges and cabbage in the summer. These days, people of even very modest means have access to more and better-quality food than royalty did less than a century ago. Virtually any food we want is available, at any time, and nearby.

By some important measures, the economy is booming. The unemployment rate is at a record low, the number of new jobs that have been created is at a record high, and the stock market remains strong. But don’t try to convince the millions of Americans up against the financial ropes how good things are. They’ve formed very rigid opinions about this, not by studying statistics or analyzing charts, but from their real-life experiences. And optimistic is the last thing they’re feeling.

Many people invest in the market for the potential profit, dividends, excitement, and, just possibly, the possibility they will hit a moon shot. At the same time, safety is also important to them and they want to stay far away from the scandals and shocking scams that have been associated with some penny stocks. How should they proceed? Many opt for an obvious answer: buying shares in very large companies with solid reputations.

Driving a cab is high-pressure work. Then why does anyone do it? One driver gave this answer: “I leave every morning with empty pockets and come back with a wallet full of money.” Others expressed a similar sentiment. After driving a taxi for a few years, people from all kinds of backgrounds were able to save enough to make a down payment on a house or to start a small business. Either way, they enjoyed a taste of the American dream.