The Shechter Group, one of the largest and most reputable construction companies in Israel, is building a luxury housing project in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. * This is an opportunity for you to be part of an American chareidi community that enjoys an exclusive residential experience in a private neighborhood with all the services a community needs

Hakol ma’alin l’Yerushalayim.” We are all familiar with the virtues of the holy city of Jerusalem. The aspiration of every Jew has always been to live in Jerusalem, and to imbibe its clear mountain air that has been saturated with holiness since ancient times.

It has become clearer than ever before that Israel is the safest place in the world. This is your chance to realize a dream, make aliyah, and settle in Jerusalem.

The Shechter Group, one of the largest and most reputable real estate companies in Israel, is building a luxury residential project for the chareidi community in Ramot Aleph. The many upscale and expansive construction projects that Shechter has completed have vaulted it to the top of list of leading construction companies, with proven ability in high quality construction with the finest finishing touches.

The new Shechter Group project, Shechter B’Ramot, is being built as an upscale gated community, with private access routes that will provide residents with seclusion. At the same time, it will include all the necessary public facilities such as a shul, a spacious hall for residents to hold events and a park with playgrounds. The planners of the neighborhood emphasized focused on a style of a closed environment that offers quiet and tranquility for the residents, while ensuring that all public needs are easily accessible.

The project offers a wide array of apartments with 3,4 and 5 room units and garden apartments, as well as creative and varied planning options. Each apartment features rich technical specifications and superior interior design; all materials used are from top tier companies and are of the highest quality. In addition, each apartment comes with a central air conditioning system as part of the specifications offered to each buyer.

Yoram Shechter, CEO of the Shechter Group: “This is a unique project that appeals to foreign residents in the chareidi sector. It is a neighborhood with commerce, preschools, a shul, an events hall and all the services necessary for high standards of living. Our concept is to build a neighborhood on the highest standard ever built for the chareidi sector. We build an apartment that our client can move into immediately, without any additional renovations, with rich specifications and the highest quality materials. This includes air conditioning for every apartment, a sheltered parking spot and more, in order to generate quality of life suited for the chareidi community.”

The project is located near the established communities of Ramot Aleph, many shuls, excellent educational institutions, shopping, public facilities, public transportation and everything else that a chareidi community needs.

The Shechter Group is, as noted, a company with extensive experience in developing and building hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad. It has built thousands of housing units in Israel, including renowned projects such as Gan Ha’ir in Tel Aviv; Jerusalem of gold in Jerusalem and others. The group was established nearly 60 years ago and specializes in all kinds of development and construction: commercial, office space, hotels, industrial, public structures and residential.

In light of its many years in the business, and its steady growth, the company is currently in a very stable financial position, with a solid equity built up over many years.

The Shechter B’Ramot project is being marketed by Tivuch Shelly Real Estate, Ltd.

Tivuch Shelly Real Estate Ltd., managed by Shelly Levine, a native of New York, has more than 30 years of experience in marketing residential projects in Israel.

The office works with a small number of high quality contractors in the best locations in Israel.

Tivuch Shelly Ltd. has more than 4,000 satisfied English-speaking clients who built their new homes in Israel, with cooperation and full attention to their needs.