When you look in the mirror,

What do you see?

Is it beauty that defines

Your identity?

Is it wealth, poise,

Or affluence?

Your unique talents,

Or fashion sense?

Is that self-worth diminished

With the signs of age,

Or have you satisfaction

As you turn each page?


In Mitzrayim, our mothers

Held the keys,

Their trust in Hashem stronger

Than Pharaoh’s decrees;

Simple mirrors of copper

Played a pivotal role,

Humble reflections

Of beautiful souls,

Miskashetes, self-adornment,

Shares the same root

As the word keshot

Aramaic for truth.


Downtrodden slaves,

The Hebrew women

Refused to forget

G-d’s promise was true;

He would redeem them yet,

Darkened faces of royalty

In the copper mirrors there,

Shone a nation’s bright future

In the depths of despair.


Moshe hesitated

To utilize

The copper from those mirrors;

But, in Hashem’s eyes,

It was most precious,

Reflecting faith,

Steadfast and pure,

Built HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s legions,

Knowing redemption would be sure.


In the Sinai,

The mixed multitude

Were unable to finagle

The jewelry from the women

To build the cheit ha’eigel.

These same women,

Their commitment, sine qua non,

Gladly gave their jewelry

To build the Mishkan.

Rosh Chodesh given

To the women

To celebrate this,

Their bitachon again saved

Our nation from the abyss.


The moon, itself, is a mirror;

It reflects the sun’s light,

It shines with the brightness

That’s hidden by the night;

The moon again emerges

On Rosh Chodesh,

Looking to a brighter future,

Israel begins afresh,

A time of promise,

The next chapter,

New beginnings in store.

May HaKadosh Baruch Hu renew

With goodness, Israel evermore.


When you look in the mirror,

Hope that you like the view,

Hope that enduring spirit

Still resides in you;

When clarity is missing,

Direction obscured,

May you dispel the darkness,

Keeping faith and looking forward.

By Sharon Marcus


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