November third is past,

The voting is done;

Remaining, the tally,

To see who has won.

A real nail-biter,

It’s going to be close;

When the smoke clears, we’ll see

Which man Hashem chose.


HaKadosh Baruch Hu, I accept your verdict.

Your justice is true; your ways, perfect.

Life holds travail, without exemption;

May the trials we go through, speed redemption.

Every person of faith understands

All that happens is in Your Hands.


You give life and take it,

Raze empires, crown kings;

Your will determines everything.

You know the thoughts of every man,

Advance or strike down every plan.

You churn out destruction

Like a spinning top,

Bestow kindness, without which

The whole world would stop.


We are facing an existential threat,

Our enemies poised, they’ve cast their net.

Raised libel up a flagpole, to see if it flies,

Then, launched a deluge on those lies.

Truth exiled, gloom and doom the augur,

It’s like being underwater.

A nation on the abyss, the brink of despair;

May America come up for air.


The media and press manipulated,

Checks and balances eliminated.

Morality invalidated,

American values, abrogated.

Blind obedience, herd mentality,

Dissent nullified, the new reality.

Like Mao’s “enlightenment,” culture is banished;

Bewildered, we wonder, has Democracy vanished?


They’re boarding up store windows

In anticipation

Of mobs bent on agitation.

If Biden wins, they might loot in celebration,

Of their victory’s affirmation.

Friends and neighbors, all shake their heads,

A possibility looming, that everyone dreads.

Socialism’s institute,

Once locked in, impossible to uproot.


We know this isn’t the Holy Land,

To live in Israel, Your command.

We see our sojourns are temporary,

Security amongst nations, imaginary.

But for those of us who won’t make it there,

Confined, too old, infirm, or impaired.

Please spare us this peril that’s impending,

Let this contest have a happy ending.


Many times, when we’ve faced the worst,  

When it seemed our fate was cursed.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu, You turned the tide,

Assuaged our anguish, raised our pride.

It is only You, on Whom we can depend,

To stop the impetus of this trend.


Please alleviate our malaise,

Allay the angst that rules our days.

We turn to you,

Please show us favor.

Our confidence shaky,

But our faith won’t waiver.

Please hear and answer our heartfelt prayer,

Please let America come up for air.


By Sharon Marcus