A few days ago, the 2020, once-in-five-years election for the World Zionist Congress began.  We urge you to vote for the ZOA Coalition slate (Slate #11) today.  Please go to VoteZOA.org for the voting link.    

We’re a coalition of 27 of the strongest activist pro-Israel organizations, including the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Aish HaTorah, Students Supporting Israel, Americans Against Antisemitism, NORPAC, Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), the Lawfare Project, Hasbara Fellowships, Z Street, Chovevei Zion, American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, American Friends of Likud, major Russian-American groups, the National Conference on Jewish Affairs, Persian Jewish American groups, Bukharan Jewish groups, Beta Israel, and much more.   (See VoteZOA.org for full list.)

The ZOA Coalition is leading the battle at the WZC for the safety and well-being of the entire Jewish people.  For instance:

At the most recent (2019) World Zionist Congress, every single pro-Israel and pro-Jewish resolution was initiated by the ZOA Coalition!  

ZOA Coalition led the successful two-year battle to pass an anti-BDS resolution that encompasses stopping boycotts against Jews living in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.  And we initiated a program to encourage buying Israeli products.  

Because we prioritize the safety of every Jew, the ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of a resolution giving highest funding priority to rescuing and bringing to Israel Jews who are endangered by global antisemitism.

We spread the truth about the Jewish people’s rights to the land of Israel.  The ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of a resolution to establish a worldwide WZO program to teach about a key international agreement (San Remo) that guarantees the Jewish people’s legal right to settle and re-establish the Jewish homeland. 

ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of resolutions calling on Israel’s government to exercise its rightful sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, and condemning UNESCO for denying the Jewish people’s connection to Jewish sites in Jerusalem and Hebron.

Because language is important for winning hearts and minds, ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of the resolution requiring use of the proper names “Judea and Samaria” – instead of the de-Judaized name “West Bank.”  

Another major tenet of the ZOA Coalition is love and respect for Torah, Jewish tradition, and the entire Jewish people.   

We’re also combatting anti-Israel resolutions, often single-handedly.  We defeated a horrendous resolution to label Israeli society as full of “institutional racism.”  But we’ll have more such battles this year. For all of the above reasons, we believe the ZOA Coalition is deserving of your vote in the World Zionist Congress elections.  

Please go to the link on www.VoteZOA.org, or directly to the voting site at www.ZionistElection.org, and cast your vote for the ZOA Coalition (slate #11)!  It only costs $5 or $7.50 (which goes to AZM to run the election).

Help us continue to defend Israel’s and the Jewish people’s rights and safety at the World Zionist Congress.  It’s so important.

By ZOA President Morton Klein
and ZOA Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. 

 Dear Alice:

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  Dear Alice,

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