There’s a new book of insights for the yamim nora’im, authored by longtime Kew Gardens Hills resident and maggid shiur, Rabbi Ephraim Meth. The book, Life Lessons for the Yamim Nora’im, is available on It goes from Rosh haShanah through Hoshana Rabbah, and addresses questions we often wonder about, but rarely articulate; for instance: Even if nuts have the same gematria as sin, we’re not eating sins – we’re eating nuts!

With Rosh Hashanah just weeks away, many are thinking about how to make the holidays at least semi-normal. Shul is limited. So are guests. But thanks to the actions Empire Kosher took when the pandemic began, Jewish cooks can be pretty confident of having a proverbial chicken in every Yom Tov pot. There won’t be a mad dash or panic over how to keep employees safe—the system is already in place.

Recap: Although bombs were still falling over England, Mimi is dangerously ill and Bayla has to go get a doctor. She makes it to the doctor’s house and discovers he is not there but a young doctor who is his assistant agrees to come with her to help her sister.