We are still discussing “what is CrossFit?” Last week we touched on the idea of Metabolic conditioning, or Cardio, and how we ideally make use of it in our training regimen. This week we will be discussing the integral role of “gymnastics,” or calisthenics, and why we employ this style of conditioning.

Recap: Bayla had stitches, and Senator Truman with his daughter Margie drove her back to the Cantors. Mrs. Cantor informs her that she has to go to school to register for the upcoming school year. She doesn’t want to go to school here in America, since her English isn’t that good yet and she doesn’t know many girls here.

Metabolic Conditioning, or ‘Cardio’

The past couple of weeks we have been taking a deeper look at the underlying foundations and methodology employed by CrossFit. This week, we will explore the idea of Metabolic Conditioning, or “Cardio,” something widely misunderstood by many. As mentioned in past, most of this info comes from CrossFit Journal, which can be found at www.Crossfit.com.