And this that you shall have from me is a scroll of divorce, and a letter of leave, and a bill of dismissal to go to marry any man that you wish” Babylonian Talmud (85b).

Two recent decisions emanating from New York divorce courts manifest the confusion which secular tribunals experience when adjudicating matrimonial issues with religious consequence.

Recap: Bayla receives a letter from her family in Poland. One line in the letter worries her. They’re nervous about a possible attack from Germany.

 Friday night, Tante Aimee lit the candles in the large formal dining room. The long table was set with a lace cloth and sparkling china dishes. Cut red roses from the garden sat in a crystal vase on the table, scenting the air.

 As the New Year begins, millions of people want to transform their bodies.

While weight goals can be very effective, performance goals can lead to sustained fitness for the long run. Getting leaner and stronger is a byproduct of achieving these performance goals.

 Dear Alice,

Many nutritionists encourage or even push their clients to exercise, but I notice you don’t. Why not? Isn’t exercise part of a healthy lifestyle? Shouldn’t all your clients be exercising? Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t really like exercising, I just want to make sure I’m not doing something wrong.