Recap: It’s the middle of the Blitz and eight-year-old Aliza is going home with Bayla and Sophie. Her father was killed by the Germans when his plane was shot down and her great-grandmother is finding it too difficult to handle her. Aliza’s great-grandmother walked them to the bus stop and now they are waiting for the bus to take them back to the home where Sophie’s family is staying.

 One would have to be wicked, or at best, a fool,

To vote for someone who condones mob rule.

America’s future has come to a fork,

How do you like de Blasio’s New York?

Or Kamala Harris’ burning LA?

Or San Francisco, Kamala’s Calcutta by the bay?

Defunding, demobilizing the police

Has made murder and crime

Exponentially increase.

Violence and looting manifest

America’s cities, at criminal’s behest.

Citizens fleeing, the ones who pay taxes,

Our cities losing these vital thoraxes.

The prospect of total collapse is lurking,

Yet de Blasio insists the mayhem is working.


This is a repeat of history.

Mayor David N. Dinkins

Of Crown Heights infamy,

Said of the rioters, “Let them vent,”

Murder and sacking had Dinkins’ consent.


Rudy Giuliani replaced that anti-Semite,

New York finally began to see light.

Broken windows and crime at all levels was swept,

New York recovered, the results were direct.


Democrats have no intent to restrain;

Honest citizens “of privilege” are the ones to blame.

For the “unrest” setting our cities aflame,

Joe Biden and Harris promise more of the same!

Biden/Harris won’t stop the barbarity,

Civil war their cure for racial disparity!

The radical left glad to light the fuse,

But when mob rule takes over,

What becomes of us Jews?

What becomes of citizens who respect the law?

Think clearly, before we reach the last straw!

Do you still remember the American Dream?

Rudy Giuliani is now on Donald Trump’s team.


We certainly can’t ask for perfection,

In the coming presidential election.

The lesser of two evils, our capacity.

Ask yourself, what comes closer

To common decency?!

Let evil advance at your own jeopardy,

Or vote against liberal anarchy.

Speak up with your vote,

While you still have a voice.

Vote for Donald Trump,

There is really no choice!

 By Sharon Marcus

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Recap: Bayla and Sophie travel to a different city in England to spend Shabbos with Tante Aimee’s elderly cousin who just lost her grandson. He was shot down by Germans. She is caring for her young great-granddaughter Aliza, but realizes that it’s not working well and she plans to send her back with Sophie and Bayla to live with them. Aliza is not an easy child, and Bayla worries how it will work out.