Many individuals don’t quite understand what the term “probate” means, but they have an idea that “probate” is something that they should avoid. Probate is the legal process by which assets of a deceased individual are distributed either according to his or her Last Will and Testament, or by state law if there is no Will (an “administration” proceeding).

Timing is everything! So when a group of the world's top cardiologists from Sheba Medical Center in Israel and the Mayo Clinic from Rochester, Minnesota gathered in Ramat Gan last week for the 5th Mayo-Sheba Cardiovascular & Cardio-Renal Symposium, the global buzz generated from NEWSWEEK Magazine tabbing both Mayo (#1) and Sheba (#10), as two of the Top 10 Hospitals in the World, just a few days prior to the event, had a definitive impact on the proceedings. Over 200 top cardiologists and nephrology experts from Israel and around the world participated in the two-day parley.

If the crown jewels could be reinterpreted into shapes of glass, Nirit Dekel’s jewelry could be used in a royal ordination. Nirit is one of Israel’s jewelry artisan superstars. We were first introduced in 2009 at Loot, The Museum of Art and Design’s jewelry fair. I had just been through a very difficult time in my life and Nirit gifted me a crystal ice necklace that automatically lifted my spirits. Aside from the great kindness she displayed, I noticed her flawless craft. Since then we have participated in many jewelry fairs courtesy of my Mama Donna, Donna Schneier.