There is a famous statement of the ARI’ZL which states that the hebrew words “Yom Kippurim” contain an allusion to Purim. If we break down the word Kippurim   into a shorter word that is introduced by a prefix, i.e.-Ki-purim, we get the hebrew word Ki-Purim, meaning “like Purim”. The ARI’ZL explains that this allusion teaches us that Yom Kippur is only like the holiday of Purim but not as great. This statement of the ARI’ZL requires clarification. How can it be that Yom Kippur, the holiday when Jews from all walks of life come to shul and pray a whole day to Hashem while fasting the entire time, is on a lower level than the holiday of Purim? On Purim we spend most of our day eating, drinking, and making merry!

 Dear Alice,

I am so nervous about the upcoming fast of Taanit Esther. I usually make all sorts of baked goods to break my fast on, and I want this year to be different. I have been following your program for a few weeks already and I don’t want to mess this up now! Please advise.

Myth: Erasing women from view is about tznius.

Truth: Erasing women from view is the opposite of tznius.

My father is a teacher of math by profession. He taught math for many years and is still teaching part-time even after his retirement. My older son is described as a math genius by his teachers. Both my father and my son love math, but I think that gene skipped a generation. I was an advanced math student and I passed the AP Calculus exam, but I didn’t like math. However, I find that the math I learned comes up in some unexpected places. One of those is tznius. Yes, really.   

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly)

When it comes to a major purchase, involving the commitment of a large sum of money, trust is a big factor—trust in both the product one is buying and in the seller. There is generally no more major purchase in a person’s life than a home, often involving a substantial mortgage extending over several years. Trust is something that is not bought, it is earned. It comes from establishing a solid reputation built over a period of time and through supplying a consistent, solid and reliable service.

Recap: Another Jewish family is brought to hide in the zoo. Mimi hears the parents talking to her mother about a Kindertransport. Her mother wants to send her and Fraidy away. Mimi doesn’t want to leave her family. She wishes Bayla was with her.