In previous years, the Queens Jewish Link has kept its Chol HaMoed Guide to Parks within the borders of Queens. In this age of social media fame, many of us want to share photos and videos at the newest attractions to say that we were the first among our friends to have been there. Here are a few post-millennial parks that are worth a visit in the coming days. Full disclosure: I work for the Parks Department during the day.

It has been 2000 years since the Jews lived in Israel and developed the land that was given to us. Now that the opportunity exists again, there are unique opportunities that can be taken. Many of us dream about moving to Israel or owning a piece of land in Israel, but apartments are expensive and we aren’t there often enough to justify the cost. Those of us who manage to get an apartment don’t really feel like we are unlocking all the opportunities the land has for reaching spirituality. Sure, we can visit, but one-sixth of the Torah and Mitzvot are based on agriculture of the land - not our hotels.

Recap: Vivian Killen was caught on camera. She had started the bomb scare so that she could steal Ruchama’s article from her backpack. Vivian was brought to the police and Ruchama got her article back. Now Mrs. Schwerner is proposing a shidduch for Ruchama, and Ruchama is worried if the boy will write her off because of her health issue.