No, PDP is not a drug; it stands for Prescription Drug PlanPDP. For  those of you in or about to be in the Medicare-eligible market chances are extremely high that you are very possibly in or will choose to be in a PDP  that is not the most cost efficient for you situation.

Needing surgery to fix a broken ankle is an experience that can create a lot of distress and uncertainty. Even when everything goes well, there are certain aspects of the recovery that can be a cause for concern. How large will the incision be and will it heal properly? Will the metal plates and screws be felt under the skin? How long until the foot can bear weight?

Recap: While Bayla, Sophie, and Aliza are waiting for the bus, an air raid siren blares and they run to the Underground. The bomb drops nearby but doesn’t explode. A bomb squad comes and sadly one of the men is killed. The girls decide to risk leaving the shelter and catch a bus back to Sophie’s home.