Distance Learning. Synchronized and asynchronized classes. Zoom. Social distancing. Quarantine. Who knew that these words and concepts would become so important to our daily lives in the last few weeks? As schools have closed their buildings and moved to online classrooms, businesses have directed employees to work from home, rabbanim have stopped shul attendance, and everyone is being directed to stay home unless it’s critical, we are all living in a new reality of spending the bulk of our days in our homes with our families.

Recap: Nazis came and killed many of the zoo animals. The Zabinskis had to think fast how to keep the zoo going, and they requested it become a pig farm to provide meat for the Nazis. Rys gets a baby pig as a pet. Mimi follows Rys downstairs to help him feed his new pet, and this proves to be a big mistake.

I need more space for the guests to sleep...Chaya Rochel already finished cleaning and is already stocking her freezer...last year’s Pesachdike apple kugel tasted weird, I need to find a new recipe...the boys need haircuts...I need to find an outfit for the baby to match the girls...wow, look at the price of matza this year...look at the price of everything - how do people do it?....my girls really don’t help enough...I’m so tired and I can’t afford to get sick...did I really just eat half that bag of chips? Where did the rest of those chocolates go - I ate them?! I MUST lose 10 pounds before Pesach! Why did I let myself eat that? I need to go shopping for Pesach clothes, but I really want to lose weight first.... 

Recap: More Jews came to the zoo. Mimi is leading a game for the children when Mrs. Zabinski plays the Chopin – a signal to be very quiet and stay hidden upstairs. Nazis march in and accuse Mrs. Zabinski of setting fire to a Nazi warehouse on the zoo premises.