If you ask people what they want in life, they will most probably answer with one word: “happiness.” Many people’s lives are centered around this goal. Every big decision, such as whom we marry, where we live, the jobs we take, the people we interact with, and the smaller decisions, such as what we eat, how we dress, how much sleep we get, are made with the goal of attaining a greater state of joy and happiness. However, we often find people who appear set up for happiness but are living a life stuck in misery, and people who seem destined for a life of anguish, but they are living lives of great happiness.

 Q: Barbecue season is here and I’m super excited. However, this means more temptation and more good food that I need to work very hard to resist. Any tips or tools to help me stay on track even with all the barbecues?

Dear Alice,

I enjoy your plan very much. However, I feel so resentful that I have to even be on a diet. My sisters are all thin, and I watched them Shabbos as they ate whatever they wanted. It’s so unfair that I have to work so hard to lose weight while everyone else has it easy. I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others, but I can’t help but feel frustrated. I end up going off track because a little voice in my mind tells me I shouldn’t have to work this hard, and I deserve to enjoy just like everyone else. Can you help me get some perspective on this?

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