That’s not clean yet,” Grandma Henny said, while hovering next to me at the sink. “When I was a girl, I kept all the pots sparkling for my mother and then for my husband. Never a speck of dirt.”

 Chaverim of Queens, founded in memory of world-renowned philanthropist, Mr. Jack Friedman, a”h, started with just ten volunteers. That was a dozen years ago when calls were dispatched to volunteers via beepers. Today, Chaverim of Queens has over 100 volunteers who respond to calls rapidly via an APP. The acts of chesed that the volunteers of Chaverim do daily, does not go unnoticed by those who have benefited from the assistance provided. The devastating effects of the events of this past year will be studied long into the future, but if there is just one lesson, it may be that every life has extreme value and time may be cut short most unexpectedly.

Rav Kanievsky Appointed As Education Minister

In his bid to avoid a fourth election in one year and maintain his hold on power as Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu struck an unprecedented power-sharing deal with United Torah Judaism. “It has become clear that the guidelines of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita have the support of the nation, and I offer my deepest respect to the Sar HaTorah of our time,” he said. “I look forward to his sagely guidance as a member of the governing cabinet.”