Today, anyone with a camera phone can click and get an image. But to take a really good photo, you must understand the artistic and technological sides of photography. Devorie Zutler has spent the last 12 years teaching women and girls how to do just that. Zutler’s students are both aspiring professionals and hobbyists. Until now, she taught classes in Lakewood, Monsey and Brooklyn. After watching her daughter take an online class at home, she realized how much more she could do, and how many more people she could reach, by teaching remotely. After Pesach, she will be offering several online photography classes via Zoom: Photography Workshop, Photoshop and Digital Photo Organization.

Like many of my fellow People of the Book, I enjoy reading. When a friend recently gave me a copy of Roy Neuberger’s newest offering, Hold On: Surviving the Days Before Moshiach, I surprised myself by reading through it in one sitting. I’d heard Roy’s name before, but I was not familiar with his background; after reading Hold On, I felt that I had to meet the author in person. A quick phone call was all it took to receive a warm invitation to the Neuberger home.

Recap: Mimi is traveling with Fraidy and Benny in a truck driven by a man named Hans, who is dressed as a Nazi but who is part of the underground. He is taking them to the last Kindertransport boat in Holland. Mimi has to remember that she is supposed to be “Anna Schmidt” and Benny is “Peter” and Fraidy is “Kristy.” The Miller girls are hidden in the back of the truck. They were stopped by a Nazi soldier demanding identification papers.

Dear Alice,

What is the point of tracking my food on a food log? I eat pretty much the same foods every day, and I am losing consistently. Is it really necessary to write everything down?