Welcome back, readers! I trust Yom Tov was meaningful and enjoyable. While my chag was beautiful with my wife, family, and friends, the Corona variant #1zillion bug zapped me after Yom Tov! I believe in opportunities, and turning lemons into lemonade is my specialty, so I used that downtime effectively!

Being married is the best way to live. Well, happily married that is. Research shows that people in happy marriages live longer and healthier lives, both physically and emotionally. We strive and emphasize marriage as a goal in our communities. A beautiful goal, no doubt. The question is, do we prepare people to build marriages that will fill their lives with joy? Do we talk openly about conflict and how normal it is to disagree and what healthy conflict looks like? Do we prepare couples for the intense emotions that are present in a marital relationship? I was once talking to a girl in shidduchim about dating and marriage. She said, “My husband and I? We aren’t going to fight.” Needless to say, I set her straight.