Thanksgiving is such a wonderful reason to make that extra effort to give thanks. This year, let’s all be thankful for healthy and delicious recipes that will keep us thankful after the holidays as well! Don’t deprive yourself of a hearty and tasty feast, but rather use the tips and recipes I’ve provided to help you stay on track while enjoying every bite! Wishing you a deliciously, healthy, and “thankful” Thanksgiving.

Rabbi Fitness, what’s up? Love the column. :-) I’m thinking about starting a workout program and haven’t really made up my mind on which direction to go – calisthenics or weight training. They both look good. My friends have their opinions on which one is better. Need info to make an informed decision.What do you say, Rabbi?

For the most part, handling the estate of a decedent is a tough but manageable undertaking – that is, until one gets into the distribution of tangible personal property.  What may be of no value to an outsider could be invaluable to a loved one.  Unfortunately, planning for the distribution of tangible personal property is often overlooked.  It is critical to thoroughly discuss and plan for the distribution of what are often family heirlooms.

Recap: Bayla is asked to go to Paris to help lift her cousin Sophie’s spirits. Sophie was in an accident and needs encouragement to exercise so she will be able to walk again. Bayla doesn’t want to leave home and go so far away and she hopes her parents will understand.

At the end of World War II, thousands of families from the five boroughs of the City of New York, including returning GIs, began to settle the suburbs of Long Island. The first wave that settled in Nassau County, New York, was approximately 50% Catholic, 25% Protestant, and 25% Jewish. In 1947, 300 families moved into Levittown, which was once farmland and potato fields in the heart of Nassau County, and the northeastern portion of the Town of Hempstead. By 1951, 17,000 Levitt homes were constructed in a 7-mile radius, marking the first-mass produced suburb in the United States of America. Nassau County and Hempstead would become home to the “Dashing Commuter.”