Someone who is not dealing with a special needs child or children, can’t appreciate the lows and the highs – the difficulties and the beautiful moments – that we go through every day, week, month, and year.”  This is what I have heard from my clients and it is clear that their experiences are the very reason that a 2018 study by Professor Meghan Burke at the University of Illinois, found that “fewer than half of parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities make long-term plans about who will take over their child’s care if the parent or other relative providing care dies or becomes incapacitated.”

Dear Diet Diary,

My weigh-in this week was great - I lost three pounds! And I am really proud of myself that after Chanukah I got right back on track, without getting discouraged by the small setback. This is so different than other diets that I have been on, where I stuck to them like a soldier, but once I went off, I went offfff! This plan is really easy to get back into because it is neither extreme nor restrictive. I finally feel like this is a lifestyle rather than a diet!

The word acid may sound scary in relation to skincare. In reality, many acids actually enhance the skin’s function.  The following guide can help familiarize you with the most common types of acids and how they work. So, get ready to glow throughout the winter months.  

Hi Rabbi,

I hired a health coach/personal trainer, and have chosen nutrition and weight loss as my primary areas on which to work. He guided me in setting up week one goals, which I seemingly met with ease. Now I’ve been with him for close to eight weeks, and I’ve yet to meet the goals that we set for week two. Despite both of us brainstorming practical solutions to my potential obstacles, I come up with varying excuses for why I can’t meet the goals. Feeling like I can’t gain traction in getting results and getting to the place I want to be physically! I remain,

Recap: Bayla and Shimon Zev’s uncle meets them at the train station in Paris and his chauffeur drives them to the family mansion. They are greeted at the door by Aunt Aimee. Bayla is awed and a bit intimidated by the huge mansion and the servants. She hadn’t realized how wealthy her relatives were.